Raven SR LCC, Acquires Intellergy, Inc. Assets For Launch Of Its Renewable Fuels Production Plants


02 May 2018

PINEDALE, WY (May 02, 2018) Raven SR LLC, a Wyoming company, announced today that it has acquired all intellectual property, patents, trademarks and operations from Intellergy, Inc., a California company, in exchange for cash and equity. These assets include patented steam reforming technology which will enable Raven SR to become a leading player in converting municipal solid waste, natural gas, biohazardous waste and other feedstocks into cleaner burning synthetic fuels (Fischer Tropsch diesel, Jet A, Jet B and Mil-Spec 8) and pure hydrogen.

The Intellergy technology is revolutionary in that it creates a hydrogen-rich syngas without combustion prior to hydrogen purification or the Fischer-Tropsch process. The Intellergy technology therefore produces these fuels at a lower cost, more flexibly and efficiently than any technology currently in the market, and while processing organics it has a carbon negative footprint by making biocarbon.

Matt Murdock, Raven SR’s CEO, commented, “We are very excited to bring Intellergy’s groundbreaking technology to market. In Wyoming alone, this has the potential to convert gas from hundreds of stranded and orphaned gas wells, turning them into cash generating assets for owners and contributing to the overall energy sector in Wyoming. On the municipal solid waste side, this technology can substantially solve waste disposal problems in the state. We are delighted to be broadening our relationship with Intellergy.”

Using this technology, Raven SR will be able to use multiple feedstocks, and potentially coal, to produce a variety of Fischer Tropsch fuels, pure hydrogen or electricity. The equipment is designed to flexibly switch between inputs and outputs and will have a relatively small footprint. When using natural gas, all output will be salable – and the process remains completely green. With municipal solid waste, besides FT fuels, biocarbon and sulfur fertilizer are byproducts of the process.

Dr. Terry Galloway, CTO and founder of Intellergy, recounted, “When I started Intellergy more than 25 years ago, I had a dream to turn waste into energy and fuel without combustion, and we have finally achieved this. With this technology, we can turn the plastic and organic waste in the Pacific Ocean garbage patch into clean fuel, or zero emission hydrogen, and we can help eliminate two of the greatest causes of greenhouse gases – gas production and agricultural waste – while making renewable fuel profitably.” Rick Noling, CEO of Intellergy, added, “there is nothing like this technology on the market today in terms of efficiency, flexibility and minimal environmental impact. Wyoming is a perfect fit for our launch, and we look forward to continuing to work with Raven SR in Wyoming and beyond.”

Raven SR is currently working with strategic partners on projects in Wyoming, New York, Texas, Wisconsin, Indiana and California, and the final design and engineering work for the first commercial scale unit is under way. All research, development and product testing is being completed by Intellergy, Inc. at their University of California at Berkeley Richmond Field Station where FT fuels are being produced.

Don Collins, Chief Executive Officer of the Western Research Institute said, “the Intellergy system is a fascinating advance in steam reformation and Fischer Tropsch technology, and fits extremely well into Wyoming’s energy landscape. We have studied the system, and it has the potential to significantly increase our energy economy while putting Wyoming at the forefront of certain energy technologies.”

About Raven SR, LLC

Raven SR is a renewable energy company implementing a carbon negative fuel technology to transform bio-mass, municipal solid waste, bio-solids, industrial waste, sewage waste, medical waste, and natural gas into renewable energy products such as hydrogen, sulfur and nitrogen-free Fischer-Tropsch liquid fuels (diesel, Jet A, mil-spec JP-8), additives and solvents (acetone, butanol, naphtha, etc) and electricity (via fuel cells or turbines and/or CAT syngas engines). Based in Pinedale, Wyoming, Raven SR is in the final engineering stage for its first production unit.


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