Waste to fuels

Raven SR is a clean fuels company that transforms waste – municipal solid waste, organic waste, and methane – into high-quality, clean hydrogen and Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuels through our uniquely patented Steam/CO2 Reforming technology. The Raven SR process is non-combustion - producing fewer emissions – and can process multiple and mixed wastes simultaneously. The patented process dependably produces a hydrogen-rich synthetic gas regardless of feedstock utilized, extracting the highest volume of output per ton of input.

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Waste to fuels

Raven SR's unique Steam/CO2 Reforming process transforms municipal solid waste, organic waste and methane into clean fuels simultaneously, making it highly versatile in processing different varieties of mixed feedstocks. Raven SR's thermolysis process is non-catalytic and completely non-combustion excluding any air or oxygen, and reducing waste and emissions associated with traditional combustion steam reforming processes.

Unlocking potential

Producing syngas

At the beginning of the process, free oxygen and air are entirely removed from the feedstock before it is fed into the first-stage reformer, so that there is no combustion. As the municipal solid waste, organic waste and/or methane is fed into our reformer, it is heated until it breaks down into syngas without the use of catalysts.

Creating synthetic fuels and hydrogen

The Raven SR difference

Once the raw syngas leaves the first-stage reformer, it is fed into Raven SR's unique and patented second-stage reformer. Without any catalysts, the second-stage reformer converts the remaining methane, polishing the raw syngas into a hydrogen-rich syngas or refined syngas – ideal to produce Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuels.


We produce synthetic gas
to be turned into hydrogen
and Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuels

Clean Hydrogen

When powering fuel cells, hydrogen produces only water as a by-product, making it among the cleanest energy sources in the world. The difference in emissions for heavy-vehicles is significant. Not only is hydrogen cleaner, but using Rave SR's hydrogen essentially turns landfill and pollution into clean energy, and at a cost that enables the widespread adoption of hydrogen as an energy source.

Synthetic Fuels

As the name suggests, synthetic fuels are synthetic copies of conventional fuels such as diesel and aviation fuels. They are created from hydrogen and carbon gases, rather than refined from hydrocarbons. Compared to traditional fuels, Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuels are zero-sulfur content, have lower emissions, higher energy content, higher torque, synthetic jet fuel is 5% less dense, a higher flowability, lower freeze point, and higher viscosity.

Fuel our planet’s future


Raven SR's unique two-stage system is non-catalytic and non-combustion, meaning it is easier to maintain, less expensive, a cleaner end to end process, and produces more fuel per ton of input.

Remove Waste

Whether it is local landfills, medical waste, fugitive emissions, landfill gas, or plastic waste, Raven SR transforms what is polluting our planet into clean fuels – making the planet a better place two times over.

Reduce Emissions

Not only does our non-combustion process significantly reduce process emissions and particulate matters, it also reduces the second largest source of methane emissions on the planet – decomposing organic landfill waste – by diverting waste into cleaner fuels that also have fewer emissions themselves.

Modular Installation

Raven SR's technology is modular and scalable, allowing for expansion to match feedstock availability and the easy replacement of parts. Systems are skid-mounted and can accept mixed and multiple waste streams at the same time.

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