Raven SR Subsidiaries

Benicia Fabrication and Machine

Raven SR acquired Benicia Fabrication & Machine Inc. (BFM) in December 2021, which will construct several key components of Raven’s Steam/CO2 Reformer system as the company ramps up to meet increasing demand for hydrogen and renewable synthetic fuels.

BFM, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, brings extensive experience in producing pressure vessels, heat exchangers and other crucial operational equipment for the upstream and downstream oil and gas as well as power and utilities sectors.

The acquisition by Raven SR extends BFM’s engineering and equipment fabrication capabilities into the renewable fuels sector.

BFM will fabricate the proprietary reactors of the Raven SR systems to be installed in 2024 for waste-to-energy projects in California and serve Raven’s expanding global project pipeline.

BFM offers engineering design and fabrication of ASME code certified equipment for all types of industries and equipment. In addition, it provides maintenance support for the repair of industrial equipment. Founded in 1983, BFM facilities are located in the Benicia Industrial Park in Benicia, California (San Francisco Bay Area).

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Raven Iberia

Raven SR Inc. established of Raven SR Iberia, S.L., a wholly owned subsidiary, in Zaragoza, the capital of the Aragón region of Spain in February 2022. This expansion positions Raven to develop renewable fuel projects in Spain, additional EU markets, and the U.K.

Raven SR Iberia expands the company’s global footprint into the European market, where renewable hydrogen is being actively pursued to help meet decarbonization goals and net-zero targets in the transportation, power generation and industrial sectors.

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