Global Impact

Today’s world is constantly changing, driven by geopolitics, climate change, population growth, and simple economics. With these massive challenges buffeting our daily lives, it is more important than ever to ensure energy security and independence for local and regional communities, not just nations.

Raven SR offers a simple and efficient solution to provide sustainable energy security and independence at the local level, while reducing waste and emissions from landfills, and addressing many environmental justice concerns.

By simply using local waste to produce hydrogen, our fuel can be delivered directly to gas stations locally, or in the region. This solution does not require long-distance transportation or pipelines.

Raven’s Steam/CO2 Reforming process is non-combustion and has no catalysts so the emissions are minimal, and the technology is designed to capture those emissions, or use them as part of our power source.

Raven SR provides a three part solution. We clean the earth, we produce clean fuels, and we provide local energy security.

With Raven SR, gone are the days of being dependent on fuels shipped in from other nations, transported from state to state, or infrastructure investments to build and maintain pipelines. Our modular units can be replicated in communities across the globe, and reduce climate change by eliminating waste and producing clean transportation grade hydrogen and Fischer Tropsch synthetic fuels.

Starting in 2023, Raven SR will fuel a cleaner future and provide energy security and independence to local and regional communities.

The Raven SR difference


The Raven SR system uses a chemical process, powered by steam, to break down waste into chemical elements. Therefore, there are essentially no emissions from the system

Green outputs

We create syngas from either organic wastes or natural gas – essentially anything with carbons and hydrogen in it. From this, we can produce clean hydrogen or Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuels

Cleaning the world

We take waste destined for incineration and landfill and turn it into clean hydrogen and Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuels while utilizing 100% of the feedstock

Highest safety standards

All Raven SR units are equipped with extremely sophisticated Alert Plus sensors, which can sense multiple gases, should there be any leaks, and automatically shut down plant operations without human intervention


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