Raven SR is poised to revolutionize the waste to energy, renewable fuels, and clean hydrogen businesses.  Our technology can minimize landfill waste, process Pacific Ocean garbage waste, cleanly dispose of medical waste, and finally eliminate the plastics and waste choking our planet, while converting them into renewable fuels like transportation-grade hydrogen at competitive prices, or cleaner burning Fischer-Tropsche fuels.

Unlike any competing technology, Raven SR systems are non-combustion, resulting in a cleaner process and higher efficiencies.  We don’t burn our feedstock, we convert it.  Our resulting syngas is higher in hydrogen, enabling Raven SR to produce more renewable hydrogen or Fischer Tropsch fuels per ton input.

Raven SR is proud to be a Wyoming company, and our values reflect our heritage.  We believe in true stewardship of our national resources, and are determined to both help clean up the environment, and responsibly use the natural resources available to us.

Mission, Vision & Values

Raven SR’s mission is to turn pollution into green energy, cleanly, efficiently and profitably.

Raven SR’s vision is a world where waste and pollution become fuel, and where fuel doesn’t create more waste and pollution.

Raven SR is built on values of:

  • Stewardship. As a Wyoming company, we respect and appreciate the beauty, power and potential of nature. Our resources must be used carefully so that we leave the world a better home for those who will inherit it after us. Stewardship is first internal (causative), then extended externally (effective).
  • Fairness. We believe in rewarding those who share our vision and are willing to risk with us. Success should never be one-sided or built on taking advantage of others. Fairness incentivizes everyone to work together to create shared opportunities and success.
  • Doing well by doing good. Profits are an important measure of viability, and businesses should grow and prosper. That prosperity, however, must deliver benefits to society. Raven SR will always remain committed to improving quality of life and growing our business to do so.
  • Adding Value. Resources should be developed where they exist wherever possible, to benefit those who own them, rather than exported. Raven SR’s technology is flexible, scalable and mobile, enabling communities to maximize their value addition.