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Raven SR is founded

Matt Murdock’s group, Sublette GTL, purchases Intellergy assets and founds the new company – Raven SR

Read Article 11 Jan

Dr. Terry Galloway builds the Raven SR engineering unit

The Raven SR engineering unit is constructed with heated screw reformer and 2nd generation electric steam reformer

Read Article 06 Jun

Matt Murdock begins working with Dr. Terry Galloway

Matt Murdock founds Wyoming company Sublette GTL to use Intellergy technology in the Wyoming gas fields and landfills to make synthetic FT fuels

Read Article 11 Aug

Intellergy licences rotary kiln IP to Elementa

Elementa operates a 20 tpd rotary reformer to turn municipal solid waste into high-hydrogen content synthetic gas

Read Article 04 Sep

Thermatrix purchased by Linde

Linde aquires Thermatrix flameless oxidation process, now used in more than 100 Linde units worldwide

Read Article 06 Nov

JV with Anshen+Allen forms Medergy

Medergy constructs a heated screw and 1st generation electric steam reformer to dispose of medical waste

Read Article 04 Mar

Duratek purchases Synthetica

Duratek uses Synthetica IP to build a waste to synthetic gas unit with a 1st generation electric steam reformer

Read Article 04 Jun

Dr. Terry Galloway founds Intellergy

Intellergy invents the Steam/CO2 Reforming process, holds 20 patents. Rick Noling becomes President and CEO of Intellergy in 2008 to launches funding to build 20-75 tpd units

Read Article 04 Aug

ThermoLytica merges to become Synthetica

ThermoLytica develops commercial 1 tpd high temperature thermal destruction of hazardous waste process

Read Article 04 Feb

Dr. Terry Galloway co-founds ThermoLytica

ThermoLytica develops commercial 1 tpd high temperature thermal destruction of hazardous waste process

Read Article 11 Aug

Dr. Terry Galloway co-founds Thermatrix

Thermatrix develops small-scale hazardous waste non-flammable incineration technology

Read Article 04 Mar

Dr. Terry Galloway produces NTO reactor

Dr. Terry Galloway develops a chemical reactor that produces liquid NTO for aerospace industries, inspiring the Raven FT design

Read Article 04 Dec

Dr. Terry Galloway and Apollo 13

Technology creator, Dr. Terry Galloway leads the team of astronomers at Chabot Observatory who calculated the position of, and therefore helped save, the Apollo 13 spacecraft and crew

Read Article 04 Apr

C.L Best and Benjamin Holt found Caterpillar

C.L. Best, son of Daniel Best, merges with Benjamin Holt to form Caterpillar Tractor Co., now Caterpillar Inc

Read Article 07 Aug

Daniel Best invents and sells the steam tractor

Daniel Best introduces his first combine harvester that added the process of harvesting, cleaning, and bagging into one unit

Read Article 04 Mar


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