Raven SR taps renewable fuels engineer Michael Fatigati as chief technology officer


13 September 2021

PINEDALE, Wyo. – Sept. 13, 2021 – – Raven SR Inc. (Raven SR), a renewable fuels company, announced today the appointment of Michael A. Fatigati as chief technology officer to carry out the company’s plans to utilize a wider array of feedstocks as it expands geographically. A chemical engineer, Fatigati brings extensive knowledge in the biofuels arena with diverse feedstocks and transformational technologies, including gasification, cellulose hydrolysis and algal fermentation.

“Mike brings to Raven SR broad and deep expertise in deriving green energy from biogenic, renewable sources,” said Matt Murdock, CEO of Raven SR. “As we scale up our production and look to deploy to more sites with different feedstock streams, Mike will focus on customizing our non-combustion process for renewable fuel production facilities to optimize production in each market.”

Fatigati joins Raven SR from Lee Enterprises Consulting, which focuses on bioenergy. Previously, he independently consulted on the financial and technical aspects of green energy projects, including biomass to synthetic fuels, ethanol and other thermochemical processes.

He began his career with Babcock & Wilcox in field engineering and business development. Fatigati received his MBA from Baldwin-Wallace College and holds a bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering from the University of Akron.

Raven SR’s Steam/CO2 Reformer non-combustion process produces hydrogen and synthetic fuels from a variety of sources, including waste in landfills with limited or no need for pre-sorting, medical waste, and methane emissions from energy production and agricultural sources. The synthetic liquid fuels include diesel, Jet A, mil-spec JP-8, additives and solvents (such as acetone, butanol and naphtha). The process can also generate electricity via microturbines.

“While other biomass energy initiatives are inspiring, Raven SR stands apart as it is bringing a commercial solution to market that can supplant non-renewable fuels in significant ways – cutting emissions and reducing waste,” said Fatigati. “Raven is partnering with other energy transition leaders to convert real problems, such methane emissions, into sustainable energy. I’m honored to join the team.”

His appointment as CTO comes after Raven SR unveiled a green hydrogen production project at a Republic Services sanitary landfill in Richmond, Calif., and plans to announce another waste-to-hydrogen project in Northern California. Raven SR investor and hydrogen truck company Hyzon Motors will be an offtaker from these hydrogen hubs.

Hyzon is among Raven SR’s strategic investors, including Chevron, ITOCHU and Ascent Hydrogen Fund, who participated in the recent closing of a $20 million financing round.

About Raven SR

Raven SR, headquartered in Wyoming, transforms biomass, mixed municipal solid waste, bio-solids, sewage, medical waste, and natural or biogas into renewable fuels. Using its proprietary, non-combustion, non-catalytic “Steam/CO2 Reformation” technology, Raven SR dependably produces a hydrogen-rich syngas regardless of feedstock utilized. Raven SR, led by co-founders Matt Murdock and Matt Scanlon, is committed to adding value to local resources and communities while responsibly reducing greenhouse gases and achieving a low carbon economy. By using modular systems and producing low air emissions, their systems can be located closer to customers and feedstock, creating local fuel from local waste for local mobility. Visit https://ravensr.com.

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