Raven SR joins advisory board of 4AirCraft, an international program advancing synthetic aviation fuel research


11 July 2022

  •  4AirCraft joint cooperation includes partners in EU, Japan and Brazil to foster breakthroughs for renewable fuels in aviation
  • Raven SR to provide technical expertise for processes and end-use requirements

Raven SR, announced today its CEO Matt Murdock and its business consultant in the European Union, Carmen Font, have been appointed to the Advisory Board of the 4AirCraft European Programme, an international partnership aiming to demonstrate a new scalable technology for European sustainable aviation fuel production for the air transportation and commercial aviation markets. The technology seeks to convert recycled CO2 into sustainable clean liquid fuels to make flying carbon neutral.

The 4AirCraft project will last until May 2024 and has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101022633. Its work is supported by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) under Grant Agreement No JPMJSC2102.

Raven SR will provide support to 4AirCraft’s consortium of partners with the objective of fostering development of an alternative renewable fuels reactor in the European market.

The consortium includes researchers from universities in Europe, Japan and Brazil at the following institutions: Kokuritsu Daigaku Hojin Hokkaido Daigaku (Hokudai); Helsingin Yliopisto (Uh); Universitaet Bielefeld (Unibi); Fundación Bcmaterials-Basque Centre for Materials, Applications and Nanostructures (Bcm); Universita Degli Studi di Torino (Unito); Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, m.p. (CSIC); Universiteit Antwerpen; and Universidade de Sao Paulo (UUP).

The 4AirCraft programme also seeks input from key experts in the private sector on technical specifications, end-user and customer requirements, and pathways toward commercialization where Raven SR will provide guidance. The project is coordinated by the Aragón Hydrogen Foundation, a non-profit supported by the Government of Aragón in Spain, where Raven SR Iberia will establish the first European waste-to-hydrogen industrial hub.

“We are honored to participate in 4AirCraft in its quest to convert carbon dioxide into a synthetic aviation fuel and lay the groundwork for carbon-neutral flying,” said Murdock.

“Our own Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuel process may differ on a technical basis but we fully support all serious initiatives to decarbonize aviation.”

The 4AirCraft European Programme is aligned with the European Union’s ambitious decarbonisation targets related to increasing the uptake of sustainable fuels by aircraft operators, cutting aviation emissions at EU airports and ensuring Europe can become climate neutral by 2050.

Raven SR, a U.S.-based company with a proprietary non-combustion Steam CO2/Reformation process to produce synthetic fuel as well as hydrogen from waste, has been expanding its global footprint. In Aragón, Raven plans to launch a waste-to-hydrogen project in 2023.

Raven SR is also part of the Pilot Action Hy2Market and European Consortium related to the Interregional Innovation Investment Funding Instrument I3, which aims to support the commercialization and scaling up of interregional European innovation projects and investments through the development of European hydrogen value chains. Raven SR’s project was chosen last December by the S3 European Hydrogen Valleys Partnership as the best new industrial European initiative linked to hydrogen due to its advanced technological development stage and the possibilities of implementation and scale up in the European Union.

About Raven SR

Raven SR, headquartered in Wyoming, transforms biomass, mixed municipal solid waste, bio-solids, sewage, medical waste, and natural or biogas into renewable fuels. Using its proprietary, non-combustion, non-catalytic “Steam/CO2 Reformation” technology, Raven SR dependably produces a hydrogen-rich syngas regardless of feedstock utilized. Raven SR, led by co-founders Matt Murdock and Matt Scanlon, is committed to adding value to local resources and communities while responsibly reducing greenhouse gases and achieving a low carbon economy. By using modular systems and producing low air emissions, their systems can be located closer to customers and feedstock, creating local fuel from local waste for local mobility. Visit https://ravensr.com.

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