Raven SR: In The Low Carbon Intensity Hydrogen Fast Lane


02 December 2021

Fuel Cell Works recently attended our launch event in Benicia, California for our purchase of Benicia Fabrication & Machine (BFM).


Raven is set to become the leader in low carbon intensity hydrogen production in the U.S., with two facilities we are already working on building in California, and the purchase of BFM, ensures Raven SR will have a majority of the resources it needs to build the equipment at each site it constructs.

Photo: Raven SR and BFM employees

And with BFM located in northern California, it will enable higher levels of efficiency in constructing facilities in California, which in the near-term, is going to be Raven SR’s largest market for hydrogen production. BFM will now transition from being its own company to being a wholly-owned subsidiary of Raven SR.

Carmelo Santiago who was the CEO of BFM will remain with BFM as its President and he will also become the Vice President of Manufacturing at Raven SR.

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Photo: Raven CEO, Matt Murdock and BFM CEO, Carmelo Santiago


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