We Are NOT Typical Gasification


17 December 2021

Gasification is most simply thought of as choked combustion. It’s a process that converts biomass or fossil fuel-based carbonaceous materials into gases.

Raven’s process, Steam/CO2 Reforming, is not typical gasification.

How is Raven SR’s system different?

The critical difference is that Raven SR allows no oxygen into our system – there is no combustion or catalysts.

The fact that the Raven SR technology is non-combustion increases efficiency, allows for a wider range of feedstock, and is a cleaner process – keeping emissions low.

While both, gasification and Steam/CO2 Reforming, require heat to drive the endothermic chemistry, the source of that heat is significantly different with considerably different results.

Creating syngas rich in hydrogen

Raven SR is similar to companies that also focus on a gasification process to create a syngas. However, our Steam/CO2 Reforming Process creates a syngas that is up to twice as rich in hydrogen as competing technologies, enabling the production of higher quantities of renewable hydrogen or FT fuels without the maintenance and other issues caused by combustion.

Combustion-free, self powered waste-to-hydrogen process

Raven SR’s systems can also generate onsite. This is a combustion-free, self-powered waste-to-hydrogen process.

Advantages of self generation

With our systems being self-powered, the reliance on grid electricity for power is reduced significantly.


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